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Been a Long Time... - Paws for Thought

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April 13th, 2006

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07:11 am - Been a Long Time...

*falls over* Holy cows upon sticks! It's been since friggin' October since I updated here!
I get so caught up in trying to keep my DevArt account updated that I neglect my poor li'l corner of the world here.
For any updates on what happened- I don't feel like explaining and nobody reads this crap anyway- it's all on DA right now. In reference to what I've said there, my friends and I attended Jake's funeral on Monday, almost everyone in their Ren garb. It was a beautiful ceremony, for the most horrible of events. The pastor who came saw such a huge group of people dressed in medieval attire, many sporting pentacles and such (like myself), went up to Jake's mother and told her, in so many words, that he was unwilling to perform the funeral rites amongst such "heathens". Yes, kids, that's the word he used. I ask you: who's the real heathen here? Intolerance is one thing that pisses me off to no end. Anyway, I can't find the right words of respect and honour here, but we'll miss Jake horribly. We'll keep living on for him, though.
Meh, I'm terrible at this kind of stuff.

I'm going to be posting some Galcian/Ramirez art and possibly really crappy and overly mushy fanfiction here instead of DA, because many family members watch my account on there and I wouldn't want to give them a heart attack. And nobody reads my LJ, that I know of anyway, so I figure it's safe here, but I can at least say I posted it somewhere.

I've got a lot to do right now, but hey, at least I updated, right? Ohhhhh, I'm soooooo borrring.
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