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March 31st, 2010

09:39 pm - Piratey
Alright, it's been years since I've posted here, and I'm having trouble keeping up. For all updates and such, to anyone who stumbles upon this, please visit my DeviantArt until I have my website up and running. Thank you! ^_^


Keep sailing the skies and stay piratey, people!

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October 4th, 2008

09:37 pm - Back At Long Last?
Oh, wow... It's been a loooong while now. I think this is probably due to my preference of DeviantArt, simply because it's easier for me to micromanage there, and because I have such a big network there. Still, I'm going to try and keep up with things here, even if it is in lurking-ninja-mode.

Anyone stumblimg here and wishing to contact me for some odd reason can find me at a number of handy locations, in several zazzy flavours.

Myspace ( I know, I know... Aack. ): www.myspace.com/cupilcake

My DeviantArt account contains my "Skies of Arcadia" fic, "Progeny of the Silver Moon", which is heavily Ramirez/Galcian and involves an mpreg theme, as well as several "Grandia III" fics and a developing original story of mine, as well. Aaand, of course, there's loads and loads of art for all sorts of things, too.
Feel free to drop by any of 'em at any time! I love meeting new people and making shiny friends, as well as finding new art! ^_^

The rest are at the top. Wheeee, I am lazy and have no idea what else to say!

I may start posting fics here, simply because I'm not sure I want to spam everyone on DA with every little drabble.

Remember, kids... If it's not candy, don't smoke it! 

Current Location: Living room couch, computer.
Current Mood: nerdyPh34r teh 74z1n355!
Current Music: The Sanctified Town by Ode Hazelwood

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April 13th, 2006

07:11 am - Been a Long Time...

*falls over* Holy cows upon sticks! It's been since friggin' October since I updated here!
I get so caught up in trying to keep my DevArt account updated that I neglect my poor li'l corner of the world here.
For any updates on what happened- I don't feel like explaining and nobody reads this crap anyway- it's all on DA right now. In reference to what I've said there, my friends and I attended Jake's funeral on Monday, almost everyone in their Ren garb. It was a beautiful ceremony, for the most horrible of events. The pastor who came saw such a huge group of people dressed in medieval attire, many sporting pentacles and such (like myself), went up to Jake's mother and told her, in so many words, that he was unwilling to perform the funeral rites amongst such "heathens". Yes, kids, that's the word he used. I ask you: who's the real heathen here? Intolerance is one thing that pisses me off to no end. Anyway, I can't find the right words of respect and honour here, but we'll miss Jake horribly. We'll keep living on for him, though.
Meh, I'm terrible at this kind of stuff.

I'm going to be posting some Galcian/Ramirez art and possibly really crappy and overly mushy fanfiction here instead of DA, because many family members watch my account on there and I wouldn't want to give them a heart attack. And nobody reads my LJ, that I know of anyway, so I figure it's safe here, but I can at least say I posted it somewhere.

I've got a lot to do right now, but hey, at least I updated, right? Ohhhhh, I'm soooooo borrring.
Current Location: The basement... Er, evil lair!
Current Mood: busySo much going on! o_O
Current Music: Vienna Teng- Gravity

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November 21st, 2004

02:39 pm
Sunday... It's only been a few days, and I miss it already. I miss the sounds, the places, the elves... *sighs* Yes, my fellow Warcrafters, I miss the Beta, in all its glory. Was it the fact that I could only squeeze in a moment or two each day before going back to my real life, the one that didn't involve questing for anything other than binkies? Was it the glorious feeling of being one of the (many) first to experience the World of Warcraft? Or was it just the fact that it was freakin' awesome?
I know this will sound blasphemous, but... Being a veteran player of EverQuest, I can wholeheartedly say that WoW blows it away, but not without a deep sadness upon my heart. EQ was my home away from home (aka the basement); my life, my friend, and the sole reason of over 500 hours' loss of sleep. Whereas now I need food and friends and fresh air (possibly daylight, as well), in my EQ days, all I really needed was a can of Dr. Pepper to sustain me.

This, I fear, is never to be a new addiction- this World of Warcraft. Things have changed. We just... Can't be together like this anymore. I know it hurts now, Warcraft, but... In the long run, we'll both be better off for it. I've got a daughter now, a boyfriend, a career... I can't go back and squander it all now.
Just think of all the other players out there- there will be a new Night Elf along any minute now, and you'll be able to forget all about me, and in time the wounds will heal. True enough, those subscription fees will never come back to me, but... I am a new person now. And I don't need the Dr. Pepper any more.

Current Mood: exhaustedBusy busy busy!
Current Music: Fleetwood Mac- the Dance

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November 1st, 2004

04:12 pm - The Post-Halloween Candy Hangover Sets In....
Ooh, lookie, everyones! This is my very first journal entry ever. I am moving forward in the technological age... Sort of. o_o *blinka blinka* Anyhoo...
Well, this is mainly a test entry. My lovely sister, Meg, who kindly set this up for me and was good enough to make me a lovely icon until I can scrounge up one for myself, wanted me to post an entry here. So, here you go, sissy.
But what of my life, you ask? There is no such thing! No, I kid.
...Life after Halloween feels a little empty, but the new cold, gray weather of November has managed to lift my spirits significantly. The mass amounts of candy I am most assuredly going to consume in the next 24 hours contributes, as well. Willow enjoys the brisk autumn wind as much as I do, sticking her tongue out as if to taste it and squealing happily. For some reason, it's cuter when she does it; I tried doing it, too, but the neighbours gave me odd looks. ^_^;
Hmm... Short, yes, but an entry nonetheless!
Will I ever find something interesting to write about? Only time will tell.

(This entry is brought to you by Meat Whiz- the meat product that comes in easy-spray can for your convenience. Makes a great holiday gift or cracker topper. It's Meaty Good!)
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: My Wiccan and Celtic CD mix...

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