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The Post-Halloween Candy Hangover Sets In.... - Paws for Thought

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November 1st, 2004

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04:12 pm - The Post-Halloween Candy Hangover Sets In....
Ooh, lookie, everyones! This is my very first journal entry ever. I am moving forward in the technological age... Sort of. o_o *blinka blinka* Anyhoo...
Well, this is mainly a test entry. My lovely sister, Meg, who kindly set this up for me and was good enough to make me a lovely icon until I can scrounge up one for myself, wanted me to post an entry here. So, here you go, sissy.
But what of my life, you ask? There is no such thing! No, I kid.
...Life after Halloween feels a little empty, but the new cold, gray weather of November has managed to lift my spirits significantly. The mass amounts of candy I am most assuredly going to consume in the next 24 hours contributes, as well. Willow enjoys the brisk autumn wind as much as I do, sticking her tongue out as if to taste it and squealing happily. For some reason, it's cuter when she does it; I tried doing it, too, but the neighbours gave me odd looks. ^_^;
Hmm... Short, yes, but an entry nonetheless!
Will I ever find something interesting to write about? Only time will tell.

(This entry is brought to you by Meat Whiz- the meat product that comes in easy-spray can for your convenience. Makes a great holiday gift or cracker topper. It's Meaty Good!)
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: My Wiccan and Celtic CD mix...

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