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Back At Long Last? - Paws for Thought

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October 4th, 2008

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09:37 pm - Back At Long Last?
Oh, wow... It's been a loooong while now. I think this is probably due to my preference of DeviantArt, simply because it's easier for me to micromanage there, and because I have such a big network there. Still, I'm going to try and keep up with things here, even if it is in lurking-ninja-mode.

Anyone stumblimg here and wishing to contact me for some odd reason can find me at a number of handy locations, in several zazzy flavours.

Myspace ( I know, I know... Aack. ): www.myspace.com/cupilcake

My DeviantArt account contains my "Skies of Arcadia" fic, "Progeny of the Silver Moon", which is heavily Ramirez/Galcian and involves an mpreg theme, as well as several "Grandia III" fics and a developing original story of mine, as well. Aaand, of course, there's loads and loads of art for all sorts of things, too.
Feel free to drop by any of 'em at any time! I love meeting new people and making shiny friends, as well as finding new art! ^_^

The rest are at the top. Wheeee, I am lazy and have no idea what else to say!

I may start posting fics here, simply because I'm not sure I want to spam everyone on DA with every little drabble.

Remember, kids... If it's not candy, don't smoke it! 

Current Location: Living room couch, computer.
Current Mood: nerdyPh34r teh 74z1n355!
Current Music: The Sanctified Town by Ode Hazelwood

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